My Xioalin Dragon Warrior Diary Part II

Sorry that I haven't updated my status on how things are going at the xioalin temple but the medical condition of the master has worsened since the last time I made contact with you guys.

The master has been taken to a hospital in the city and i accompanied him and several other teachers to the city ,this is one of the reasons I have not informed you ,the reader, with all the information needed in order to feel safe from the horrendous shadow killers.

The Shadow killers formed when Wu-Yang had gone into a fit of rage from losing the fight between Xai at the temple to become the new master.
Well after the fight he left the temple in order to create a new group, one that would rival the one he just left, for revenge.

Obviosly Wu-Yang couldn't start a whole new temple with no money and no students ,so he decided to go out to steal money from banks, people, houses, anywhere you name it and he stole from there.
After he had enough money he pay people in order for them to build him a new temple, one where instead of being pure of heart and peaceful like the one he left, he decided to make it out of hatred and only those with tainted souls could stay.

In order to get students to join his temple he went to an orphanage and stole little kids that were suitable for him.
It's Cliché I know but it was the only option he had in order for the students to not question anything he did or his teachings ,just he like did previously.

As the years passed the Shadow killers grew in numbers and in strength and Xai, the now master of the Xioalin dragon warriors , feared that Wu-Yang was strong enough to in-slave the earth.

One day Xai's master was on his death bed and told Xai the secret to defeating Wu-Yang but in order to do this he must sacrifice himself, by trapping himself in an orb along with Wu-Yang if he could not defeat him.

One day the Shadow killers were set to start their world take over by taking over the city first.

Wu-Yang was about to tell his killers to take over but behind him he could hear the faint sound of footsteps, then suddenly Xai lunged at him with his army of Xioalin dragon warriors.
Wu-Yang quickly avoided this lunge by darting to the ground within a split second of contact.

As Wu-Yang stood up from the ground he looked around himself and realized that his army of shadow killers had been perfectly matched by the army xioalin dragon warriors and that himself and Xai were to due battle, in the middle of the perplexed battle surrounding him and Xai.

Xai shouted at him "This time I won't hold back, you aren't my friend any more and I have a reason for killing you!"
"It is you that will die tonight my old friend!" Shouted Wu-Yang.

Wu-Yang swung for him.
He dodged this and swung a roundhouse kick at Wu-Yang, connecting with his shoulder.
Wu-Yang grabbed his leg while making contact and spun Xai around while the kick took Wu to the ground .
Xai jumped up and took out his katana sword lunging at Wu, cutting the fabric on his left arm and barley cutting his skin.
Wu took out his sword and went to stab Xai but he dodged and elbowed him behind the head taking him to the ground.

Xai went to stab Wu on the chest but he turnt at the last moment ,knocking Xai to the ground .

Just then a clooud started to pour rain, drenching all the warriors ,making their movments slower and harder to pull off.

Both Xai and Wu-Yang on the floor they decided to ditch the weapons and fighting using their combat skills alone.

Wu-Yang lashed his fist blindly at Xai ,luckily connecting with each blow, causing Xai to start bleeding .
Wu-yang swung for Xai, blocking the punch.
Punching him in the stomach at a rate of 10 punches a second, causing for Wu to bleed from the mouth .

Refusing to give up he kneed Xai in the face .

Just then the shadow killers could see the fight at all threw their shrunkens at Xai, causing him to fall on his knees and being helpless and on the verge of dying .

Wu-Yang picked up his sword and exclaimed
"Just like our old fight, I would win and have you nearly dead, but this time the master won't be here to save you, any last words?"

Just then Xai remembered the orb the master had gave him, if he did not defeat Wu-Yang.
He felt it in his pocket ,grabbed it and threw it onto the ground .
"Maybe I can't defeat you but I can stop you from doing any more harm !"
As soon as the orb made contact with the ground, Wu-Yang and Xai could feel themselves being pulled towards it ,trapping them forever.

As the two leaders vanished into the orb ,the two armies looked helplessly as their leaders were taken from them to never return.

One of the teachers from the Xioalin Dragon Warriors quickly dashed to grab the orb and as he made contact with his fingers, the orb shock ,light up and serperated ,going in different directions.
And that's how the 5 objects came about.

I would tell you all about it but I must help give me master a sponge bath.


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